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St. Thomas the Apostle - The Church of Orthodox Anglicanism serves the community of Moore, OK. and surrounding communities approximately twenty to twenty-five miles in radius from Moore, OK. representing not only the Orthodox Anglican Community but also many other traditional Christian & Orthodox Christian Communities from a miriad of other denominations.

EVANGELICAL                                             CATHOLIC


                                         X Orthodox Anglican


REFORMED                                                  ORTHODOX
















In viewing the above rectangle: Evangelical, Catholic, Reformed and Orthodox, drawing a line from Evangelical to Orthodox and from Catholic to the corner of Reformed it can readily be seen that Orthodox Anglicanism is in the middle of all.  What a great place to be!  Our services are divided into two parts: the Liturgy of the Word (Evangelical & Reformed) accommodating the completion in entirety of Psalms every month with the completion of the reading of the entire Bible at every year end, and secondly the Divine Liturgy - the command of Christ - every Sunday celegrating the body and blood of Christ as well as many other times throughout the year for Saints.

We worship using the traditional Orthodox Anglican Liturgies from the the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (St. Tikon), Older Anglican Liturgies, prayers and responses from prayer books, liturgies and breviaries of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.  Our Divine Liturgy is that of St. Tikhon Western Orthodox Liturgy

We implement the Rosary, Jesus Prayer and Stations of the Cross adhering primary to a mindset of pre 1054 philosophy.